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The role of Head Girl is one of great importance here at Sacred Heart. It is a role that requires a passion and commitment to provide leadership, guidance and support to the whole school.


At Sacred Heart we are proud of our unique ethos and school values.  Our student leadership team show a devotion to being an active and positive role model to all.


Key Responsibilities:


  • To be a positive and active voice of the students

  • To be an inspiration to others

  • To make a positive contribution to sixth form and whole school

  • To be present at school events e.g. Curriculum Evenings and assist where needed

  • To deliver speeches at school events when required

  • To lead assemblies to both sixth form and lower school

Our Student Leadership Team for 2023-24:

Denise | Head Girl

Jazell | Head Girl

Lily | Deputy Head Girl

Nelsie | Deputy Head Girl

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