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Our Sixth Form vision is to enable all students, regardless of their starting point, to realise their potential and maximise their academic abilities while developing their individual character and spiritual well-being. We are a gateway to opportunities that allow our Sixth Form students to be agents for change in the world.

One of the most important success measures for any Sixth Form student is achieving the necessary entry requirements for post 18 pathways, be that university, a higher-level apprenticeship or employment.  However, to sustain these pathways, student’s need to be equipped with the softer, personal skills to develop holistically.


The JES award is designed to help you develop as a whole person. Focusing on the ethos goals of Sacred Heart: Faith, Character, Intellect, Social Awareness and Community. ​Our Sacred Heart goal this year is the goal of Community.

​By taking part, you not only grow as a student and an individual but with that personal success comes a sense of pride in your community and a long list of achievements that you can be proud of as you move beyond Sacred Heart into higher education, apprenticeship, or employment. ​

​The most successful university applicants, job applicants and apprenticeship applicants can demonstrate the skills that this award encourages you to learn. ​

​The aim is to acquire the skills, competencies and experience to allow you to develop as a Sixth Form student in your personal, social, spiritual and emotional self.

You can do this by:

  • Joining a club or society

  • Contribute to our wider community by taking in a voluntary experience

  • Contribute to ethos of our school e.g. justice and peace, deliver a General RS session, John Paul II Award, lead an assembly

  • Dedicate 5 hours of your time within school e.g. work with lower school, volunteer at parents’ evenings, open evenings

  • Engage with super curricular activities and explore your intellectual curiosity

  • Engage with work experience either in-person or virtual

“The Janet Erskine Stuart award, has allowed me to organise and document my accomplishments and extra curriculars alongside allowing me to focus on growing as a student.  It has provided space for reflection each half term ensuring I am constantly aware of my achievements and where I need to improve”


  • Student leadership Roles

  • EPQ

  • Weekly Careers Session

  • Success for all

  • Peer mentoring

  • Paired Reading

  • Sixth Form Pantomime

  • Volunteering opportunities

  • Working in our school dining hall

  • Set up a society

  • Debate Club

  • Work Experience

  • Sixth Form Book Club

  • Join our Justice and Peace Group

  • Reece Programme

  • Duke of Edinburgh Award

  • John Paul II




Ever fancied setting up your own society based on a passion, skill or interest in a topic?


At Sacred Heart Sixth Form we give students the opportunity to do things outside of their academic programme and develop outside of the classroom gaining experience of the world that will support them during their time at Sacred Heart and beyond.


Meet our MedSoc group! They meet after school where they debate hot topics, organise virtual presentations, support with UCAT and BMAT preparation and interview practice along with independently researching and delivering presentations on issues/topics.

“Medsoc has been an insightful society that provided knowledge on the plethora of healthcare fields and the current affairs in preparation for university courses. Debates and discussions fuelled most of our meetings, where prior research would be conducted by the individuals. We primarily discussed recent case studies that have changed the medical field such as the Shropshire Maternity Scandal and the Francis Report which many people found interesting. Some people within Medsoc took the initiative to deliver presentations such as Rosepriya Poulose, who presented on the topic of Organ Donation and Human Trafficking. Over this period, we benefited by building our confidence whilst independently researching, presenting and debating.” Surina.

Senior LitSoc:

This invite-only club runs from the January of Year 12 to the December of Year 13. It is led by Mr Sewell, Cambridge Graduate and ex-Durham lecturer, whose role is to introduce and facilitate reading and debate across a range of texts from the Literary Canon, which are outside of the A Level Literature syllabus. The group meets monthly, having pre-read a text (all the texts are gifted to the students as part of being in the society), and one student is responsible for leading the session, whilst all students are pushed to debate and offer alternate viewpoints. It was established to prepare students for Oxbridge interviews, but has developed over the years to just generally encourage debate and allow students to find their voices: an essential skill for any Higher Education institute.

“Lit soc has been an amazing opportunity for me. We partake in presentations on different books with group discussions woven in. This has been very beneficial for myself and my studies as it has given me a lot more confidence in my ideas. We are each given time to create an hour-long presentation on a selected book for everyone. This has given me great preparation for university as I am able to discuss more confidently and manage my time to get my presentation done. Even though I am doing Nursing at University, I believe this is beneficial for my course and others as really gives you a look and insight into the different format of university and I know I will take this with me.” Jordan.

Debate Club:

Debate club gives our students a fun way of developing their oracy skills. We use a range of activities to help students with their critical thinking and confident communication. Debate clubs also help students to become more informed about the world around them.


Business and Economics Society:

This student-led society takes a closer look at the subjects of Business and Economics and discusses its real-life applications. By looking at case studies, books, articles, and by relating these to current affairs, the group aim to broaden and sharpen their expertise and understanding of the commercial world they live in.


Our Business and Economics Society has the goal of the engagement in discussions to promote critical thinking in the subjects offer diversity and depth.

This society is for those who are curious about the many benefits of Business and Economics.

Health & Social Care Society:

This society supports our students who want to apply for an allied health course such as:

  • Nursing

  • Midwifery

  • Physiotherapy

  • Occupational therapy

  • Radiography

  • Speech and language therapy

  • Dietetics

  • Paramedic science

  • Primary teaching

  • Social work

The society meets once per fortnight, and discusses a variety of topics related to the ever-changing health and social care sector. Guest speakers join the society too!

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