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We have developed a very successful support programme to ensure that all students, in their applications to university or apprenticeships, have the confidence to thrive under interview and selection processes.


Every year we work closely with our students to ensure their placement on high tariff courses such as: Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy and Law. Competitive applications can be challenging, and we work closely with our students to help them navigate the daunting ‘early entry’ system to secure places, every year, for our students at Oxford and Cambridge.


The application process for the Russell Group universities such as Manchester, Leeds, York, and Sheffield, not to mention our excellent local universities, is rigorous. Applications require a bespoke personal statement, dedication to their super-curricular endeavours and a knowledge of the interview process and this is something that we can help support our students with at Sacred Heart Sixth Form.


It is our aim to support our students as individuals in whatever path they choose.  In the past our students have been successful in a wide range of courses leading to excellent career opportunities such as: Nursing, Primary Teaching, Engineering, Biomedical Research, Media and Television and Architecture to name but a few. Whether you are interested in accessing a career in the Arts and Humanities or a future in Science and Technology we can tailor support to your needs so that whatever your dream, we can assist you in achieving it.

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