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University of York: Lectures this week

Every term, the University of York organises free open lectures on a wide variety of topics and aimed at a general audience.

Click the link to explore the lectures in offer this term:

Spring 2022 - News and events, University of York

Most require tickets so be sure to check and sign-up.

This lectures this week are:

Creating Stars Using High Power Lasers - Wednesday 12 January @ 5pm

Join us for our Physics Winter Webinar as we explore how the conditions inside stars can be created in the laboratory using high power lasers.

Moral Stress in veterinary teams: International research perspectives - Wednesday 12 January @ 5pm

A discussion on moral stress in veterinary teams

Describing the Archive: Identifying offensive language - Thursday 13 January @ 5pm

Dr Vic Clarke and Dr Kevin Jones will talk about their work identifying offensive and biased language in archive catalogues

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