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National Study Skills Initiative

Medic Mentor are inviting ALL students, studying any subject to take part in a Live Free Virtual Study Skills and Exam Technique Webinar. If students are unable to attend the webinar live, you can register to receive a recording along with some excellent free handouts describing study techniques that are underpinned by evidence-based-research.

Places will be allocated on a ‘first-come-first-served basis’, and students can register for free with this conference registration form:

Conferences Dates:

Sunday 5th November 11am-1pm UK GMT

Saturday 11th November 11am-1pm UK GMT

If neither of these are suitable, students can register to receive the conference recording.

Conference Agenda:

Introduction: Unlocking Academic Excellence - The Importance of Study Skills & Exam Techniques

Section 2: The Power of Effective Study Habits

Interactive Session: "Study Styles: Which One Are You?"

Section 3: Memory Boosters for Exam Prep

Section 4: Conquering Exam Anxiety

Section 5: A Day Before the Exam

Section 6: Exam Techniques specific to Exam Boards such as AQA, OCR, EDEXCEL and SQA



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