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Get into Law: Journey to Becoming a Solicitor, Barrister or Judge!

Do you have an inquisitive mind that belongs in a courtroom? Are you interested in laws, maintaining order, and the potential career paths of a solicitor, barrister, or judge? If so, we have just the event for you!

Law Mentor's "Get Into Law" conference on Sunday 1st October, is the perfect opportunity to learn everything you need to know about pursuing a career in the legal profession.

For just £15 entry (if you are entitled to 16-19 bursary please see your HoY), she will offer crucial advice on:

  • Life as a law student and a solicitor or barrister (realistic insight into law)

  • Legal myth-busting and empowering you to achieve your dream!

  • How competitive is it to ‘get into law’?

  • What really makes you stand out from the crowd?

  • Your application timeline (compartmentalising and working SMART)

  • CV, extracurricular activities and transferable skills for law

  • The UCAS form – key components to be aware of

  • The personal statement (and the academic reference)

  • Interviews (basics, deeper insights and how to shine)

  • Entrance exams: LNAT, Cambridge/Oxford Law Exam and their significance.

The conference will give you insight into what a legal career entails and will provide the building blocks needed to be successful in your application to university. By sharing our expert knowledge about the UCAS application process for law, you will be provided with all the resources and guidance you need to succeed in law school applications.



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