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Year 12 Outreach Programmes

Some universities offer supported entry schemes to students who apply to study a course with them. These schemes often include a summer school or a series of workshops on campus, where students will get a taster of their chosen subject and the opportunity to experience student life. Students are often required to complete a piece of work as part of the scheme, such as an extended essay but may be given a reduced university offer on completion. Some of the programmes simply offer you the chance to gain an insight into what it is like to study at that particular university.

Explore the outreach programmes below making sure you check if you are eligible to apply. Be mindful of deadline dates - there are a few approaching and they may require a reference from your Head of Progress.

UNIQ - For students aiming to apply to Oxbridge :

Sutton Trust Summer School Programmes:

Social Mobility Foundation's APP City Programme:

Durham Supported Progressions:



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