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UK Parliament Week 1-7 November

Year 12 & Year 13

UK Parliament Week is taking place from 1-7 November and we’re organising three FREE virtual events for students. The aim of both events is to make politics more accessible and engaging, and encourage young people to be active citizens. UK Parliament Week is a great opportunity to show young people that they have a voice and that there are lots of ways they can use their voices to speak up on the issues that matter to them and their communities.

Q&A with Philip Davies, Conservative MP

Monday 1 November 08:30-09:30

Philip holds the title of the most rebellious serving Conservative MP, having voted against his party over 250 times in the course of his parliamentary career. He has controversial views on many matters and this is a great opportunity for young people to put across their perspective and ask him some tricky questions. Click here to register

Top Tips for engaging with Parliament with Tulip Siddiq, Labour MP

Thursday 4 November 09:30-10:15

Have you ever wanted to contact your MP but not been sure about how to do it? Have you ever wanted to speak up and take action about an issue affecting you and your community but not been sure how to create change? Then this panel is for you. The panel will share their top tips about how to meaningfully engage with the political system. By taking a proactive and constructive approach you can achieve great things.

Social mobility: Why is it so bad in some parts of the country and how do we make it better?

Friday 5 November 14:00-15:00

Naz Shah Labour MP for Bradford West and Sammy Wright from the Social Mobility Commission will discuss why what leads to poor social mobility and how we can make it better. Gender, ethnicity, wealth or where you live should not stop you achieving your potential! Students will have an opportunity to ask their questions and share their aspirations for their future to inform ongoing initiatives to improve access to opportunity. Click here to register



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