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UCAS Undergraduate: Advice for Parents and Carers

UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admission Service) provide a vast range of resources and information that are dedicated to helping parents and carers support students applying to university.

Parent newsletters - Keep up to date with all the information you need, along with timely explanations of the application process.

  1. Start research early – there are a lot of higher education options to choose from!

  2. Register in the UCAS Hub and browse through courses – so they can work out what they would enjoy or be interested in.

  3. Know the deadlines – for some courses, the application deadline is almost a year in advance of when the course starts.

  4. Go to UCAS events and course provider open days – speak to us and higher education staff to get answers to their questions.

  5. Check entry requirements – make sure they can get the grades they need to get a place on a course.

  6. Redraft their personal statement – get plenty of feedback and refine it until they’re happy.

  7. Understand student finance – so they can make the best arrangements to fund their studies.

  8. Be prepared for results day – make sure they’re prepared for all the possible outcomes.

  9. Understand how Extra and Clearing work – different ways to apply for more courses.

  10. Visit our Facebook and Twitter regularly to get advice and ask questions.



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