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Realising Opportunities: Supported Progression

The Realising Opportunities deadline is coming up on Friday 5 November.

Please read on for details of the Programme, including how students benefit from a lower contextual offer from 15 Research Intensive Universities.

Benefits to students:

Students participating in the Programme benefit from:

  • A lower offer of entry to all 15 partner universities.

  • At Newcastle University, this translates to an offer of study which is two grades lower than the typical offer.

  • Completion of three compulsory events that support transition to higher education.

  • Monthly Q&A events with nationwide university staff and students.

  • Peer-to-peer support throughout the application process to higher education.

Additionally, the Student Resource guide gives an overview of the Programme.

Application Process

Applications are open now.

The deadline for applications to be received is Friday 5 November 2021.

The Student Application Key for our school is SACREDMB. Your Head of Progress will need to provide a reference therefore you should submit your application no later than Thursday 4 November @ 12:30pm.

Students can apply for the Programme via the following link:

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